//  Mark Ormesher

Anish Bagga

CEO @ Unitu

Mark has been an exceptional addition to the Unitu team. He possesses both technical and character skills that not only get tasks done extremely efficiently but also help push the company forward.

He embodies the company philosophy - Impossible is nothing - and brings traits that inspire and motivate other team members.

He managed to build the Unitu Android App within less than 3 months and go FAR beyond the given specification. He took complete ownership over his work and dedicated himself fully with absolute care and precision.

In addition to this, he is also loyal, committed and ambitious. As a co-founder of Unitu, I am both proud and thrilled to be working along side him, knowing that with Mark on our team we can achieve anything. I am available to provide an extensive recommendation for Mark, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Andrew Coles

Lecturer in Computer Science @ King's College London

Mark is a very able student - I taught him on two of his first-year programming modules, and was surprised and impressed with the quality of the work he produced.

His academic abilities are backed up by solid practical skills: he has a keen eye for detail, producing code that is well-designed and well-tested. He is actively involved in working with other students here at King's, both through the KCL Tech Society, and through assisting in our hands-on first-year advanced programming topics course.

I have no hestitation in recommending Mark for suitable jobs, internships and so on - please get in touch if you would like a formal reference.

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Peter McBurney

Head of Informatics @ King's College London

Mark is an exceptional programmer and a great human being. He is very bright, hard-working, and competent, and he is able to get stuff done.

He is goal-directed and works quickly, and is not afraid to learn whatever he needs to complete a task. He communicates ideas well, with humour and enthusiasm, and he is passionate about his work and his beliefs. I recommend him very highly.

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Jide Okunoren

Software Engineer @ Jisc

I collaborated with Mark on building Jisc's Data Hub platform. He was instrumental in specifying the project's requirements, user stories & deliverables. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm, commitment & passion, as well as his communication, project management & technical skills.

It always helps when a collaborator has an understanding of the underlying technology, but it’s a bonus when they have expert knowledge & actively participate in the development process. Working with the MEAN stack, Mark developed web services for testing the Data Hub platform from a stakeholder's perspective. This was an asset to the project, as it improved the final deliverables beyond the original specification.

Overall, I really enjoyed working with Mark & would recommend him as a great developer, team player & a great asset to any team.

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Fares Alaboud

President @ KCL Tech
Colleague @ Unitu

I've had the pleasure of working with Mark on several occasions in different environments and on a handful of projects. Whether we've worked together in the same company, collaboratively in hackathons or on a university side-project, I have to say that there's no one else I'd rather work with.

Mark is punctual and supportive, and when it comes to his work, you'll always find it perfect. Mark has pays excellent attention to detail, and puts all of his effort in making anything he builds the best it could be.

He's one of the few people I've met that have a true passion for what they do, and I think that's the reason why he's simply unique at it.

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Ana Jalbă

Events Organiser @ Unitu

I am proud to say that I had the chance of working with Mark on several projects at hackathons and being taught by him at the “Build X: Android” courses that he held as a committee member of the KCL Tech Society.

He encouraged me to approach languages that I was not familiar with because that is how he is: he likes learning new things every day and he likes teaching others what he just learned. He makes a very good mentor because not only did he teach me most of what I know about Android development and other programming languages, but he also helped me understand some concepts with which I had trouble at university.

Because we both work at Unitu, I saw his contribution to the Android and web applications that Unitu delivers to customers. I can confidently say that he is hard-working and he tries his best to deliver very high quality in a short time.

Mark is very passionate about what he does and you can see that in his work; his passion is almost contagious. He is very careful with his work, punctual and I truly believe he would be a perfect candidate for any developing role that fits him and he would be an asset to any team!

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David West

Workshop Manager @ Gigante Computers

Mark was one of my technicians from my time as Technical Manager at Gigante Computers. Mark was a very reliable and hard working employee. Whatever task I assigned to him he would have completed before his given deadline and to a high quality standard. His communication was perfect for the vast range of customers we dealt with.

He would also train new technicians to the business as I could rely on him training them to the high standard we set ourselves. I would happily work with Mark again and highly recommend him to anyone thinking of employing him in the future.

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Joshua Simpson

Vice President @ KCL Tech

I'm very happy to have been able to work with Mark over the course of the past year in several capacities, but mostly as part of KCL's Tech Society - Mark has been an invaluable member of the committee, showing time and time again his passion for what he does, his eye for detail and his ability to produce work above and beyond expectations.

His character, work ethos and technical ability make him a fantastic addition to any truly deserving team.

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Tara Drummond-Finnis

Learning and Development Manager @ Excelian
Learning and Development Advisor @ Allianz Insurance

I was fortunate to meet Mark at a King's Uni Careers Event. I was struck by his excellent attitude and skill set within a few moments of our first conversation. Consequently it was my pleasure to facilitate a summer Internship at Excelian.

He became part of the team very quickly, acted on his own initiative, provided new ideas for old challenges, and was considered a welcome addition to the Company.

I can only say that the next Company that is fortunate to benefit from his talent and experience, will be making a smart move when they hire him!

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Angeleen Leckie-James

Senior Performance Improvement Consultant @ Allianz Insurance

Working with Mark was an absolute pleasure and overall a great experience. He brought drive and enthusiasm to the change team whilst maintaining excellent communication throughout his project.

He delivered a solution that not just met but exceeded the requirements of his brief, on time and on budget. I would without doubt have Mark work with us again!

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Hayley Sangan

SME Operations Manager @ Allianz Insurance

We're so thrilled that you joined us for one of your internships and you've contributed a huge amount in a very short space of time. Your most significant contribution was the dashboard, which has enabled us to engage our people in our KPIs with something considerably more exciting than a graph or a report.

You've also left it so that we can update it easily and other areas of the business have already seen it and want to replicate it! Despite you not having worked in a call centre before, I was hugely impressed with your professionalism, work ethic and ability to engage people at various different levels. I only wish you could have stayed longer!

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