//  Mark Ormesher

Unitu Android App

Android // Project Management

The Unitu Android app mirrors the functionality of the Unitu website, giving users access to the software wherever they are. I am responsible for planning and executing development of the app, as well as testing and deployment. Since its launch it has helped to improve Unitu's student engagement, and has served as an excellent platform for me to develop my Android programming skills.

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My Position at Unitu

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Unitu Analytics

PHP // jQuery // ElasticSearch // Data Presentation

Providing data to both the team and customers, the Unitu analytics suite has proved to be an effective tool and a powerful selling point. As well as collecting data across the product, it also automates reporting tasks that used to consume a lot of person-hours. I am responsible for the planning and development of the suite and I share some of the testing duties.

My Position at Unitu

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Node.js // Express.js // MongoDB // Mongoose // CoffeeScript // SCSS // Jade // Bash // GitLab

Why try something new when you can try everything new? Titanic is a hobby project that I started at a hackathon in 2015 to teach myself some new technologies. It's a web-based tool to synchronise host-name aliases and Bash shortcuts between all of my Linux devices and servers.

It is built almost entirely with new-to-me languages and tools, at the time of writing. I used this project to experiment with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, etc. - I even set up a GitLab instance instead of using GitHub! This project is still being actively developed.

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Titanic on GitHub

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Floating Action Button with Speed-Dial Menu (for Android)


This floating action button (FAB) library does exactly what it says on the tin: provides a floating action button and optional speed dial menu, making it easy to add an iconic feature of Material Design to any app.

It was borne from a frustration with a lack of clean, customisable alternatives. It's lightweight, fully customisable and can easily be Gradle'd, Maven'd or Ivy'd into any Android application.

FAB with Speed Dial on GitHub

FAB with Speed Dial Sample Application

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Java // Spark Framework // Bootstrap // Project Management

Nuclibook is comprehensive booking system for nuclear medicine diagnostic studies and therapies; it meets the requirements of NHS hospitals in general, and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in particular. The system manages staff availability, stock orders, patient bookings, equipment and asset tracking, accountability logs, and more.

Built by a team of eight developers, I served as the project leader and was one the main code contributors. The gallery shows some key features, but the full scale of the project can be seen in the 95-page manual on GitHub.

Nuclibook on GitHub (dormant)

Academic project // Grade: 93%

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Unitu Website & API

C# .NET // MVC5

I started working on the Unitu website & API in mid-2015, learning C# .NET and the MVC5 framework along the way. It started out as a minor facet of my work at Unitu, but my contributions have increased with time. One such contribution is an entirely new, bespoke notification system that manages preferences, stacking, emails and push notifications.

My Position at Unitu

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Allianz Petplan "Petplan Live!"

jQuery // CoffeeScript

Petplan Live! was a performance dashboard built for the Allianz Petplan service department during my internship there in 2015. It provides an attractive display of important performance metrics, helping to drive employee engagement and awareness.

Displayed on three TV screens in the office, it is one of the hackiest solutions I have ever developed - the case study is well worth reading. The project put me under some tight constraints and challenged my creativity, but I was still able to build an attractive product that could be managed by all supervisors from any machine.

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My Position at Allianz Petplan

Petplan Live! on GitHub

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Android Development Lectures

Android // Teaching

Running for 8 weeks, I wrote and delivered this course to teach Android development to KCL students with no prior knowledge of mobile development, as part of the Build X lecture series ran by the KCL Tech Society. The course was a great success: many participants were able to build a fully-functioning (albeit basic) to-do list app during the course.

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Allianz Petplan "Your Voice"

Print Design // Communications // Managing Upwards

Your Voice was a campaign within the service department at Allianz Petplan, intended to collect employee opinions and ideas on a range of key topics. My involvement included branding design, communication planning, deployment, promotion and presentation of results on a weekly basis.

Some of the project outcomes resulted in me managing upwards and assigning tasks to my superiors, and through the project we were able to produce tangible results for employees.

My Position at Allianz Petplan

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Android // GCM // Ruby

MLHorrors is a supplement app for Werewolf (a popular hackathon mini-game), built by three friends and I during a hackathon in 2015. It augments gameplay with sound effects, graphics, automated randomisation and other features.

The narrator creates a new game on their Android device, which can be joined by any number of players. Powered by Google Cloud Messaging, this pseudo-client/server arrangement gives the narrator total control and creates an immersive experience for players.

This project won the Crowd Favourite Prize, which included tickets to Global Hack in Seoul.

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