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  //  Mark Ormesher

Hi, I'm Mark. I'm a software developer in London and I've been writing code in various shapes and sizes since 2005. I'm a King's College London Computer Science graduate, I work on a number of projects, and I'm lucky enough to do what I love for a living.

Away from code, I've also worked as a secondary school teacher, a teaching assistant, a computer hardware technician and a salesman. Whatever the role, I have always dedicated myself to it and done my best to produce great results - you can click to see my employed positions and references.

Software Development

In 14 years of programming, I've worked and played with a wide range of languages, frameworks and various other technologies. The main ones I've worked with, and the ones I've enjoyed the most, are listed below:

  •    Node.js
  •    Android
  • Java/Kotlin
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • PHP
  • C# .NET
  • MySQL & Others

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Node.js // I started using Node.js (+ Express.js) in early-2015 and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I've built a few sites and tools using it - including this one - and I intend to keep exploring it and using it as one of my primary languages. I also started learning React and AngularJS in early-2016.

Android // Starting at a hackathon in early-2014, my passion for Android development grew quickly, fuelled by a lead developer position at Unitu. I have developed a number of other apps as personal projects, volunteered as an Android mentor at hackathons, and delivered an 8-part Android lecture series at King's College London.

Java/Kotlin // Whilst studying Computer Science, Java became one of my primary languages for development and I developed a strong proficiency with it. In 2016 I began experimenting with Kotlin and very quickly found it to be a good fit for me. I still use both languages regularly, mainly for my work with Android.

JavaScript & jQuery // I have been using JavaScript to drive the client-side of my web projects since I began in 2005, and I've been using jQuery + jQuery UI to support that work since 2008. In 2014 I began playing with CoffeeScript, mostly out of curiosity and interest; I still use it when I have projects that will involve a lot of front-end JS.

PHP // The LAMP stack was my first adventure into "real" programming and the first back-end stack I learned. I built a lot of websites with PHP and developed very strong skills with each level of the LAMP stack. It's no longer my go-to language, but I still use it occasionally for quick prototyping.

C# .NET // I started using C# .NET and the MVC5 framework to work on the Unitu website and API in mid-2015. Although it was not my primary language, I learned quickly and used it almost daily at Unitu.

MySQL & Others // Whilst working with the LAMP stack I gained a good understanding of MySQL and incorporated it into many of my projects. In 2014 I began experimenting with other database systems, and since then I have used MongoDB and ElasticSearch in a number of my projects.